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Why Us

 Chef - Prepared Meals
Individual packaged meals artfully crafted from scratch.

High-quality ingredients from trusted farmers

Local, mostly organic, all-natural meats and sustainable seafood sourced from responsible farms.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Recyclable and microwave safe materials. 
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I believe in the power of food and I treat the ingredients with respect. We are a local company and use natural, antibiotic free, and organic ingredients.


I bring my fine dining experience, love and passion for food  to all my cooked creations for you to enjoy. 

Chef Jason Gersten

Every day, I think about the people I cook for and the ingredients I use to transform a homemade dish into someone's smile.  I prepare food for one's soul and you can taste the love I put into every dish with every bite you take.

Why We're Great
No Shopping,
No Prepping,
No Cooking
Your Time is All Yours

Fine Dining Food for the Soul

Healthy meals ready to eat when you need it.
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